House of George Sand
The 18th-century Château de Nohant in the charming village of Nohant near Nohant-Vic is where George Sand, the famous French author of The Devil's Pool, spent her childhood and various key moments of her life. Visitors can take an intimate tour of this manor house steeped in the memory of the Dupin family and see the drawing room and dining room where past guests included renowned composers and literary figures like Balzac, Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and Liszt. Furniture, family souvenirs and belongings and a puppet exhibition are on display.

Located at 10.6 miles from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre

The Crozant Castle

Standing on its rocky spur at the confluence of the Creuse and Sédelle rivers, the medieval castle of Crozant overlooks a wonderful site, both wild and picturesque, which has inspired a number of impressionist painters by its beauty. As a powerful fortified town in the past, this fortress has kept some remains, such as the square keep, the entrance building and three towers.

Located at 13.5 miles from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre
The lake of Eguson

Éguzon (or Chambon) lake lies in the heart of the Creuse valley near Éguzon-Chantôme and covers 312 hectares. At this vast stretch of water surrounded by pleasant, unspoiled scenery, you can either unwind on one of the equipped beaches or get active with one of the many activities on offer: windsailing, canoeing, boating, waterskiing, pedalos, swimming, rowing and fishing.

A viewpoint on the hillside above the lake offers a beautiful view of the impressive Éguzon dam.

Located at 12.7 miles from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre

The church of Saint-Martin de Vic

The little church of Saint-Martin de Vic in Nohant-Vic contains some remarkably well-preserved Romanesque frescoes dating from the 12th century that depict scenes from the lives of Christ and St Martin.

Located at 11.2 miles from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre


On June 10th, 1944, four days after the Normandy Landings, 642 people who lived in the village of Oradour-sur-Glane, among which 207 children, were slaughtered by the SS division Das Reich, while the village was pillaged and burned down. Kept as is, the site of the martyred village is today a place dedicated to memory and contemplation that illustrates the horror of barbarism.

The Memorial Centre situated nearby offers a permanent exhibition, ranging from the advent of Nazism to the story of the massacre of June 10th, 1944, as well as a reflection on peace and human rights.

Located at 75 miles from Crozon-Sur Vauvre

Sainte- Sévère- sur- Indre

The village of Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre, dominated by the ruins of its keep, is famous for having served as the set for the famous Jacques Tati movie Jour de Fête in 1947. The market square, which was used as a backdrop in the film, is very pretty with its 17th-century covered market, 15th-century fortified door and 16th-century wayside cross.

Jacques Tati fans must make a point of visiting the Maison de Jour de Fête, an entertaining museum space dedicated to the illustrious actor/director's work.

A market takes place under and around the covered market every Wednesday morning.

​​​​​​​Located at 13,5 miles from Crozon-Sur Vauvre

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